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Our Services

The economic dynamism of the Gulf region, and of the UAE in particular, generates a wide range of business opportunities for foreign players. We help you to face the challenges of entering the market to seize those opportunities with our experience in the region assisting private companies and public sector institutions in opening a new horizon for progress and success.

Our portfolio of services include personalized assistance, from the first approach to the market up to the formulation and execution of marketing strategies for business development.

Market Intelligence

Make informed strategic decisions

We provide professional market intelligence and research services to private companies and public institutions to help them understand the configuration and dynamics of target markets and industries, as well as the defining forces of change. We also assist them in expanding their perspective and understanding of the challenges ahead, enabling them to make strategic decisions to capture emerging opportunities.

ORIENS IBC develops tailor-made research according to the profile of the client and its specific needs. From general insight into a business sector, up to detailed statistical analysis, identification of potential customers and direct interviews with decision makers, we offer a wide spectrum of information for the client to choose what fits best their business goals.

Commercial Support

Enter new markets successfully

Effective presence on site and follow up with your new customers or distributors in the markets we cover to tackle the difficulties of the first stage of the business process, assuring a smooth and prompt transit to the next level.

In a second phase, the consolidation of the new venture is secured with a continuous assistance through our schemes of representation, agency o advisory. After the first visit to the market and the meetings with potential customers and distributors, the company that wants to build sustained business relations in the Gulf can benefit greatly from the assistance and advisory of an experienced partner on the ground.

ORIENS IBC offers the following services to support this critical effort in the Gulf markets:

  • Commercial strategy
  • Periodical meetings and follow-up with potential clients and distributors
  • Assistance on import processes, certifications and permits
  • Delivery of samples and catalogs to commercial contacts
  • Verification of product delivery status and quality

Business Development

Find and seize opportunities

No success is possible without a solid first contact with key players in the target market and timely action on emerging challenges and opportunities. A solid approach to a new market, must be coupled with an effective follow up that guarantees the consolidation of the advantages gained with potential customers and new contacts.

Our Business Development services include:

  • Analysis of company profile of the client
  • Identification of its market potential in the Gulf
  • Identification of potential customers/partners
  • Organisation of individual business meetings
  • Organisation of trade missions for a group of companies

Project Management

Hands-on support on the ground

Our portfolio of services include personalised assistance on specific business projects, from the formulation of an structured business plan, up to advisory and support for the execution of marketing strategies and business development. We provide professional assistance to long-term commercial or industrial initiatives as well as short-term endeavours, such as special events or exhibitions.

The service includes:

  • Organisation and management of stands at international exhibitions.
  • Organisation of private exhibitions.
  • Organisation of events and conferences.
  • Creation of marketing material and marketing strategy targeting the Gulf countries.

F&B Support Desk

Comprehensive assistance throughout project life

We support F&B companies in the development of business projects in the Middle East with a complete line of services to establish and launch a new food & beverage operation in the region.

The service includes:

  • Introduction of local companies specialised in developing F&B projects and franchising.
  • Introduction of and follow-up with specialised architectural studios for registration and compliance of blueprints and project specifications with local municipality rules.
  • Introduction of and follow up with local interior designers and contracting companies specialised in F&B projects.
  • Contact with locally based legal advisors with experience in handling all contracting aspects of F&B projects.
  • Support for the identification of a suitable location for the F&B outlet according to the concept and target market. Coordination with specialised real estate agencies for selection, shortlisting and inspection of potential premises.
  • Introduction of local importers and distributors of professional kitchen equipment, cafe & bar equipment, food service and restaurant supplies.
  • Access to a large database of food and ingredients importers and distributors across the region.
  • Facilitation of a desk, a telephone line and a meeting room at our office for representatives of F&B companies when visiting the region.

Since 2006, we have been working with customers from around the world, enabling them to better understand the markets we cover and define effective strategies to achieve success for their business in challenged environments.