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Who We Are

Professionals committed to bring results

We are dedicated to providing highly effective professional services to private companies, private organisations and governments, supporting their efforts to enter and develop trade and business relations in the markets we cover.

Our goal is to make tangible, measurable contributions to the expansion of our clients operations with value added business development support, market intelligence, critical information, strategic contacts and practical solutions for a successful penetration of new markets.

The company was established in 2008 by professionals of different nationalities with wide experience in high government and business in several Asian countries, in particular U.A.E., Singapore and Japan. We are also active in Latin America from our base in Bogota, Colombia, opening a wide spectrum of opportunities in this exciting emerging market. 

Proven reliability and commitment to open new horizons of success for our clients in vibrant markets.

Our Main Strengths

  • Knowledge of local markets and key industries to quickly and accurately assess the real opportunities a business project has of succeeding.
  • Experience of business practice rules and regulations to foresee the challenges ahead and assist in planning an effective approach.
  • Extensive network of contacts and active relations with business groups and public institutions to facilitate alliances, identification of business opportunities, cooperation projects and establishment of a local operations.

Since 2006, we have been working with customers from around the world, enabling them to better understand the markets we cover and define effective strategies to achieve success for their business in challenged environments.


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